ICIS 2023: India’s Debut Steals Spotlight in AI, Digital Innovation

ICIS 2023

India recently played host to the pinnacle of AI and digital innovation dialogues, as the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2023 gathered over 1000 luminaries from 45 countries in Hyderabad. The event, a debut in India’s 43-year history, spotlighted the pulse of technological evolution and its societal impact.

With 23 comprehensive research tracks spanning AI’s expansive realms, ICIS 2023 fostered robust discussions on AI’s multifaceted dimensions. “ICIS 2023 serves as a nexus for global thought leaders to converge and envision the future of these technologies,” remarked Professor Rahul De, Honorary co-chair.

The ICIS 2023 conference theme, ‘Rising Like a Phoenix: Reshaping Human Endeavors with Digital Technologies,’ echoed the commitment to exploring AI’s transformative potential across various sectors. “From human-technology interaction to the societal impact of AI, the program stimulated discussions on cutting-edge advancements,” highlighted Honorary Conference Chair, Rahul De.

ICIS 2023 Highlights India’s Starring Role in Global AI and Digital Innovation

ICIS 2023 India
ICIS 2023 Highlights India’s Dominance in AI and Digital Innovation

Suprateek Sarker, Co-Chair from the University of Virginia, emphasized the unique amalgamation of India’s technological prowess and cultural ethos. “Participants witnessed enriching panel discussions, papers, and insights into the latest advancements in information systems,” he noted.

Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen of Aalto University lauded the success of bringing ICIS to India, fostering an international community in Hyderabad, a city renowned for its high-tech landscape.

Souren Paul, Co-Chair from Northern Kentucky University, underscored ICIS 2023’s commitment to inclusivity and global dialogue. “The conference stands as an exclusive platform, showcasing diverse global perspectives—a realization stemming from India’s confirmation to host after a pandemic-induced delay,” Paul remarked.

The event showcased sessions like the IT Leadership Forum, symposia, workshops, and keynote presentations, featuring Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh, Chief Strategy Officer of Accenture.

ICIS 2023 wasn’t just academic discourse; it bridged theory and practice through a dedicated track for practitioner-oriented research. Additionally, a ‘paper hackathon’ facilitated new research collaborations and accelerated publication reviews for promising projects.

The conference’s conclusion marked the possibility of select papers being fast-tracked for publication in top journals—an honor bestowed on only 27% of research papers on average.

ICIS 2023, held from December 10-13, has encapsulated India’s emergence as a focal point for AI and digital innovation, propelling global conversations toward a technologically empowered future.

For more details on the conference and proceedings, visit ICIS 2023’s official website.