Eco-Realty Leader, Stonecraft Group, Grows Miyawaki Forest by 100 Acres

The Woods Shamshabad

June 19, 2024: Hyderabad, India – Stonecraft Group, a pioneering biophilic developer and eco-realty conglomerate headquartered in Hyderabad, announced a significant expansion of its flagship project, “Stonecraft Woods Shamshabad.” The world’s largest Miyawaki forest will grow by an additional 100+ acres, solidifying its status as a leading sustainable living community.

Phase 2 Expansion: Doubling Down on Success

The Woods Shamshabad has already set a global benchmark with its innovative integration of the Miyawaki method—an ecological restoration technique from Japan—into daily living. Phase 1 of the project, now a self-sustaining three-year-old man-made forest, has exceeded expectations. Building on this success, Phase 2 will add over 100 acres, featuring 150 individual units ranging from 1800 to 3500 square yards.

“Woods Shamshabad Phase 1 exceeded all expectations, validating the growing demand for our most desirable sustainable living model,” said Kirthi Chilukuri, Founder and CEO of Stonecraft Group. “This expansion marks a significant step forward in our commitment to creating sustainable and net-zero communities. Phase 2 will provide even more opportunities for individuals and families to experience a unique daily living environment that prioritizes well-being and conservation responsibility.”

Commitment to Sustainability and Biodiversity

The Woods Shamshabad
Stonecraft Expands Miyawaki Forest at The Woods Shamshabad : image courtesy Stonecraft Group

Phase 2 will employ the same fast-growing forestation techniques that have made Woods Shamshabad a thriving ecosystem. The expanded project will cultivate over 150 native tree species and introduce new plants, enhancing the habitat for more than 141 bird species and 126 native fruiting and flowering trees. This natural expansion will further enhance the project’s ability to act as a natural filter, cleansing air and water, sequestering carbon, and promoting energy efficiency.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Residents of The Woods Shamshabad enjoy the unique opportunity to live in harmony with nature within an urban setting. The project includes sustainable housing constructed from eco-friendly materials and designed with green, energy-efficient principles. Additionally, on-site organic farming initiatives provide fresh, locally grown produce, fostering self-sufficiency and a direct connection to food sources.

“We will continue to push the boundaries of biophilic-driven sustainable development in more cities in India. The ongoing expansion aims to create a green future where economic growth and ecological conservation go hand-in-hand in urban and neighboring urban regions,” Kirthi added.

Impact and Future Outlook

According to a CBRE survey, the demand for sustainable housing is surging. The report highlighted that green buildings can reduce emissions by 40% and lower maintenance costs by 30%. Woods Shamshabad Phase 1, covering 60 acres with 110 farm units, has already matured into a thriving forest with 450,000 native Indian trees and over 141 species of birds. Phase 2 aims to surpass these achievements by adding about 650,000 trees on 25+ acres, reinforcing its position as the world’s largest Miyawaki forest.