Netflix “What We Watched” Report; “Rana Naidu” Grabs Global Attention

What We Watched Report - Rana Naidu

Netflix, the global streaming giant, unveiled a comprehensive viewership report encompassing over 18,000 titles, shedding light on audience preferences worldwide. Within this extensive list, the Indian series “Rana Naidu” stood out as the sole Indian representation, securing the 336th spot among top-viewed titles.

An adaptation of the popular American series Ray Donovan, “Rana Naidu” follows the life of Rana Naidu, troubleshooter for the elite, exploring the complexities within the Naidu family, societal chaos, and political dynamics. Starring Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati, the show has gained acclaim for its adaptation and storytelling, mirroring the acclaimed original.

Netflix What We Watched Report 2023

Netflix’s “What We Watched” report covers viewing trends over six months, revealing insights into viewing hours, premiere dates, and global availability, accounting for over 99% of Netflix’s statistics. The report highlighted that more than 60% of titles consistently featured on weekly Top 10 lists, reflecting audience preferences.

American productions dominated the top slots in the report, with “The Night Agent” securing the top spot with 812.1 million viewing hours, followed by “Ginny & Georgia: Season 2” and “The Glory: Season 1.”

This report, released on December 13, showcases Netflix’s transparency and offers insights into evolving viewer preferences globally.

Rana Naidu Star Rana Daggubati Unveils “Rakshasa Raja” Avatar

Rakshasa Raja
Rana Daggubati Unveils his next project with Director Teja

Celebrating his birthday in grand style, versatile actor Rana Daggubati unveiled the first look of his highly anticipated project, “Rakshasa Raja.” The image showcases Daggubati in a compelling avatar, wielding a powerful gun with a shiva tilak on his forehead, exuding mystery and power.

In a tweet, Daggubati teased, “Rakshasa Raja begins,” hinting at an intriguing storyline. The image portrays a transformative appearance, promising an engaging cinematic experience.