AM Green Propels EU Clean Energy Trade with CertifHy Pre-Certification

AM Green

June 19, 2024: KAKINADA, INDIA – AM Green, formerly known as Greenko ZeroC, has attained a significant milestone in the green energy sector by receiving CertifHy EU RFNBO pre-certification for its green ammonia project in Kakinada. This landmark achievement positions AM Green as the first Indian company to reach this milestone, underscoring India’s potential in the green hydrogen and ammonia markets.

Opening Doors to the EU RFNBO Market

This pre-certification enables the company to strategically tap into the EU RFNBO market, offering a crucial advantage as it embarks on developing one of the world’s largest green ammonia facilities in Kakinada. The company aims to ramp up its production capacity from one million tons per annum (MTPA) to five MTPA of green ammonia by 2030, equating to one MTPA of hydrogen.

Rigorous Evaluation by CertifHy, Hinicio, and Bureau Veritas

CertifHy, a leading certification provider for renewable hydrogen and e-fuels, collaborated with renewable hydrogen consultancy Hinicio and global certification body Bureau Veritas for the pre-certification process. Hinicio conducted a comprehensive compliance review and strategy development, while Bureau Veritas evaluated the plant’s operations against CertifHy’s EU RFNBO Voluntary Scheme. This thorough assessment ensures the green hydrogen production at Kakinada meets European-wide criteria for decarbonization.

Adhering to Stringent EU Standards

The EU enforces some of the most stringent regulations for renewable fuels globally. The successful pre-certification reflects the Green Ammonia plant’s adherence to these rigorous standards, positioning the company as a leader in the green hydrogen and ammonia sectors. This achievement supports the supply of clean energy from India to the EU market, meeting the highest global standards for renewable fuels.

The Importance of Pre-Certification for AM Green

Pre-certification is increasingly valued in the renewable energy sector, offering several advantages, such as early identification of potential project weaknesses, saving time and resources. It also plays a crucial role in facilitating Final Investment Decisions (FID) and offtake negotiations, making it a powerful tool for companies developing renewable energy projects.

Mahesh Kolli, Founder and Group President of AM Green, emphasized, “The pre-certification awarded by CertifHy to our Kakinada plant underscores our commitment to providing carbon-free energy solutions globally while meeting the highest standards like EU RFNBO norms. This is a significant milestone for AM Green as it reinforces our position as a leading energy transition solutions platform.”

Laurence Boisramé, Global Director for Hydrogen at Bureau Veritas, stated, “RFNBO rules set by the European Commission apply not only to hydrogen producers in Europe but also to any producer targeting the European market. Pre-certification is the best way to advance toward practical application. We are thrilled to contribute to accelerating the international trade of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives.”

Patrick Maio, CEO of Hinicio, added, “Pre-certification is a critical tool for RNFBO-hydrogen suppliers striving for project compliance. Hinicio is uniquely positioned to advise international players like AM Green on project design, European market entry, and long-term compliance with EU regulations.”

Matthieu Boisson, Managing Director of CertifHy, remarked, “AM Green’s achievement of pre-certification demonstrates its commitment to renewable ammonia production in India. This project sets a strong precedent for future collaborations and strengthens the global market for clean energy solutions.”

Future Outlook

AM Green’s success in securing the CertifHy EU RFNBO pre-certification is a pivotal step in its journey to becoming a global leader in green ammonia and hydrogen production. With a clear roadmap to expand its production capacity, the company is poised to significantly contribute to the global clean energy transition, aligning with stringent international standards and leading India’s green hydrogen and ammonia ambitions.