Rana’s SouthBay, EkChitra Unite for ‘HUE’ with 100 Unique Artworks

Rana Daggubati promoted SouthBay which encourages the world of art, culture and new age entertainment media, has brought together 100 contemporary artworks from 33 renowned artists and sculptors through ‘HUE’ as its unveiling partner of EkChitra. The art exhibition is hosted at Spirit Media Space, abutting RamaNaidu Studios in Hyderabad.

HUE was formally launched by Suresh Daggubati, the famed Producer, Suresh Productions, he said Hyderabad is a city that admires art and we are proud to host EkChitra’s HUE debut exhibition in Hyderabad.

HUE will be open to the public from January 20th to 28th, offering art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art. The works of Art were curated by well-known art curator Annapurna Madipadiga.

EkChitra, “HUE – House of Unified Expression”, an exceptional art exhibition that celebrates the profound impact of art in the fabric of our lives. Set against the backdrop of Hyderabad’s vibrant art scene, this exhibition is a showcase of creativity, featuring the works of well-known contemporary artists including Thota Vaikuntam, Thota Tharani, Subodh Kerkar, Rajeshwar Rao, B A Reddy, Shampa Sircar, Pulkit Prajapati, Jagdeesh Tamminenni, Trupti Joshi, Gauri Vemula, Padma Reddy, Himanshu Joshi and other widely acknowledged artists.

Annapurna, Co-Founder and Art Curator of EkChitra says “Through HUE I gained the freedom of showcasing different mediums of art from different parts of India. This is not bound or restricted by a theme. Colour has no boundaries. That’s what we wanted to showcase, which gives me a freedom to speak and choose artists from across India and with different ways of expression.”

At HUE’s we want to showcase that art is beyond the four walls of a gallery. It grows beyond that because art has no boundaries, is what we believe in Says Raj Kumar Singh, Co-Founder, EkChitra. He adds, we want to grow out of these four walls, which is called gallery, and that’s the reason we’ve been showcasing artworks in different areas, this marks the launch of EkChitra’s HUE (Hyderabad Unveils EkChitra) in collaboration with South Bay and Alekhya Homes. This brings in the vast media of art onto one platform. EkChitra according to Raj – stands for one creation, leading to 1 collection through one connection.

EkChitra, Southbay Unique “Serene Stroke”

Rana Daggubati at EkChitra HUE Exhibition in Hyderabad

EkChitra will also host “Serene stroke”. It’s a Chinese painting workshop using Chinese brush painting. It’s actually very, very, invigorating and unique, invoking your inner peace, a kind of workshop and we would like to invite everyone in Hyderabad to participate. adds Raj.

Rajeev Ranjan, Co-founder and COO, Spirit Media & SouthBay, says, “At SouthBay, we engage with popular culture by working on brands & IPs across Music, Sports, Movies, Arts and many more. We are excited with this collaboration as we envision SouthBay as a catalyst for all things around popular culture, we are an incubator for artists, creators from different fields. We hope to create more such occasions to engage with Art & Culture enthusiasts”.

Art collector Srinath Kurra, Managing Director of Alekhya Homes, said “we found great synergy with EkChitra’s vision to promote and foster art and new talents. There is also a cultural connection that aligns with our vision of creativity both in art and architecture”. Alekhya Homes is the presenting partner of this art exhibition.

Among the unique artworks included the Lord Ganesh Sculpture which took close to a year to make, and then the intriguing wall art using the elements from a traditional fishing boat from Goa’s artist Subodh Kerkar which is 20 years of work. The work of Himanshu Joshi where light meets structure, transforming imperfections into art also attracted a lot of attention from art enthusiasts during the preview.

HUE reflects EkChitra’s commitment to nurturing artistic talent, promoting art appreciation, and connecting collectors with unique and diverse artistic expressions. The curator chose Hyderabad, as it is becoming a major art hub where people have started appreciating and looking for artists and the different types of art.