Aarogya Tech to Inject $1.8M in Data-Driven Personalised Health Solutions

Aarogya Tech

Aarogya Tech, an innovative health technology startup headquartered in US with operations in Bengaluru, announced today it has raised $1.8 million seed funding round, with $1.5 million in fresh capital led by Mr. Hasu P. Shah, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Hersha Hospitality Trust, who will be joining the Aarogya Tech Board.

The niche startup provides scalable clinician-led, data-based personalized health management at home and community to aid in disease prevention and early diagnosis of disease with the vested interest of improving population health, quality of life and longevity.

The infusion of new funds will accelerate product development, fortify the analytics, and machine learning team, and scale up the company’s product and growth teams to 20+ in Bengaluru.

Within just a year of operation, Aarogya Tech has made remarkable strides, including the development of a disease -specific patient monitoring system to decrease chronic heart failure readmission rates. Recognizing the unique health needs specific to the Indian subcontinent, the company launched a personalized health management solution DocSeva.com with over 10 businesses in Bengaluru. Founded by IIT Kanpur / ISB alumnus Prashant Trivedi and Mayo Clinic-trained Critical Care Physician Dr. Lokendra Thakur in early 2023, Aarogya Tech’s founding vision is to democratize healthcare by developing an accessible, intelligent health companion that offers affordable, data-driven, clinician-led personalized health services at the convenience of the user’s doorstep, moving the centre of healthcare from hospitals to homes and communities.

Aarogya Tech to develop clinician-led, data-based personalized health management at home

Dr. Lokendra Thakur, co-founder of Aarogya Tech, highlighted the company’s vision, stating, “No one wants to see a doctor when they are feeling good. When we get sick, most of the time, it is too late to alter the course of the disease. This vicious cycle needs to end. Our solution is to provide clinician-led, data-based personalized health management at home and in the community to diagnose disease early. 21st-century healthcare should be centred at home with advanced and cutting-edge technology. Hospitals should be visited only for acute care; rest of health care can meet a person where they are and can be accessible from home or community centres. Aarogya promise is that of “The doctor will follow the patients, not the other way around.”

Prashant Trivedi, co-founder of Aarogya Tech, emphasizes, “We’re committed to redefine healthcare by focusing on the need for individualized health parameter baselines, focused on providing customized Whole person care, enabling access to early diagnosis and monitoring with clinician supervision. Our proactive, niche approach personalized care, making health and wellness solutions more accessible, user friendly, and holistic.”

Investor Mr. Hasu P Shah expressed his confidence in the venture’s growth story, saying, “Investing in Aarogya Tech, co-founded by a Mayo-trained physician and an IIT engineer, is driven by my belief in their unique, data-driven approach to health management, blending home and community care. This innovative model transforms how we view doctor interactions, paving the way for more positive, healthful experiences in healthcare. This approach is not only revolutionary but essential for the future of health care around the world.”

With its presence in the US and Bengaluru, India, Aarogya Tech is uniquely positioned to lead the transformation in healthcare delivery to people’s doorstep.

To know more about the company : https://aarogyatech.com/

To know about the investor Mr. Hasu P. Shah : hersha.com