March for Your Voice: Join Hyderabad’s ‘Let’s Vote’ Walkathon on 25th November

Lets Vote Walkathon

As Hyderabad continues to champion civic engagement, an upcoming event promises to amplify this fervor. On November 25th, the city is set to witness the ‘Let’s Vote’ Walkathon, a spirited stride towards bolstering democratic participation. Organized by LetsVote, an apolitical Civil Society and a coalition of civic-minded individuals and electoral, law enforcement and corporate organizations, this event aims to encourage voter awareness and engagement, calling on citizens to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Scheduled to commence at the Gachibowli Stadium at 6:30 AM, the walkathon anticipates the convergence of the city’s most influential figures alongside thousands of tech professionals and individuals from various walks of life. The event, marked by its collaborative spirit, seeks to echo a resounding call for active participation in the democratic process.

J A Chowdary, Founder, LetsVote says “The anticipated participation at the “Let’sVote” Walkathon which will have the who’s who of the city promises an environment ripe for discussion, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. From eminent personalities to the driving forces behind Hyderabad’s tech landscape, the walkathon aims to create a conducive environment for dialogue and action towards strengthening the democratic fabric.”

In an exclusive statement, the Co-Founder of the ‘Let’s Vote‘ Walkathon Dr. K Subbarangaiah expressed overwhelming enthusiasm for this initiative. “The essence of democracy lies in the collective voice of its citizens. Our walkathon isn’t just a physical stride but a symbolic gesture, advocating for the power of every vote. We’re thrilled to witness the diverse participation and the enthusiasm displayed by the city’s esteemed personalities and professionals,” the convenor remarked.

Your Vote, Your Voice: Step Up for Democracy at Gachibowli Stadium on November 25th for Let’s Vote Walkathon

This event doesn’t merely underscore the significance of voting but also champions the spirit of unity in diversity, as citizens from various professions and backgrounds unite under a common banner—democratic responsibility.

Furthermore, the publicity convenor Sheela Panicker emphasized the significance of such events in fostering a culture of civic responsibility. “The ‘Let’s Vote’ Walkathon serves as a platform to galvanize the community towards a shared goal: to reinforce the importance of voting. We believe that every individual’s vote shapes our collective future, and this walkathon symbolizes unity in upholding this belief,” the publicity convenor remarked.

The ‘Let’s Vote’ Walkathon is not only an event but a call to action—a reminder that the power to shape the future of the city and the nation rests in the hands of every voter.