Greenko School, IIT Hyderabad to Unveils New Net Zero Research, Fellowships

Greenko School of Sustainability

The Greenko School of Sustainability (GSS), has announced a fully funded PhD fellowship programs in Sustainable Engineering for the year 2024. The applications will close on 20th April 2024.

The 6 Greenko Fellowships offer a monthly stipend of INR 75,000 for up to 4 years, while the 4 MoE Fellowships are available for 5 years as per the Government of India norms. The Research Fellowships offered by the school are to attract the best science and engineering talent to research in sustainability science and technology.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for research students interested in technology development to advance energy transition, industrial decarbonisation and sustainable development expressed Prof. Sireesh Saride Chair, Greenko School of Sustainability, IIT Hyderabad.

He added “Greenko Research Fellowships stands out as one of the most lucrative financially and, provide valuable opportunities for aspiring scientists and engineers to develop technologies for Net Zero Transition and sustainable development”.

GSS has shortlisted and launched over seven mission-oriented research and technology development projects in sustainable engineering and the selected candidates for fellowships will be part of these projects.

“The world is striving for net-zero by 2050 and the technologies required for this transition have to be developed during this decade. GSS would like to play a key role in meeting this goal and ensuring a just transition. Furthermore, the Greenko Fellowships have contingency to support foreign travel for collaboration and participation in international conferences.” Prof Sireesh, stated.

Greenko School of Sustainability (GSS), with over a lakh square foot of built-up area is designed and adheres to net-zero.

Greenko School IIT Hyderabad Announces 7 New Research Areas in Net Zero

The research fellows at Greenko School of Sustainability will join ongoing research projects in

  1. Development and Performance Evaluation of a Direct Injection Ammonia based Dual Fuel CI engine
  2. Development and Realization of High Energy Lithium-based Rechargeable Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  3. Unassisted Solar Seawater Splitting PEC Cells for Sustainable Hydrogen Generation
  4. Electric Swing Adsorption for Carbon Capture and Lithium Recovery
  5. Development of Low-Cost Organic Porous Solids for CO2 Capture
  6. Biomass valorization: Developing novel methods for pretreatment and biopolymer (bioplastic) synthesis
  7. Investigation on Direct Reduction using Ammonia – A Novel Green Alternative Iron making Process

To be eligible for the Project fellowships, a collaboration between Greenko Group and IIT Hyderabad, candidates must have cleared national eligibility tests such as UGC-NET/GATE/CEED/CSIR, among others, and hold a first-class degree in their respective bachelor’s and master’s programs.

For MoE fellowships, candidates must hold an M.Tech/M.Sc/M.Arch/M.Des in any discipline aligned with the research thrust areas of the school.

The selection process involves a written test and/or interview, and selected applicants will be communicated through emails. The school is also offering admission to external PhD programs for candidates with at least 2 years of relevant experience.

How to Apply: Applications are accepted online, Create a login on IITH webpage at: