‘Gaurang’s Kitchen” in Hyderabad is Home to the Scrumptious Forgotten Cuisines of India

‘Gaurang’s Kitchen” in Hyderabad is Home to the Scrumptious Forgotten Cuisines of India

 Celebrated Textile Designer, and passionate foodie has opened his dream restaurant ‘Gaurang’s Kitchen’ in Hyderabad on Saturday. Gaurang says his kitchen is the very embodiment of the timeless food traditions of India and the tastes he grew up with as an ardent foodie travelling several parts of India.

Located in the upmarket Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad the newest restaurant is home to the finest traditional cuisines of India from across states and draws inspiration from traditional Indian and some which are forgotten cuisine, which expresses Gaurang’s philosophy of creation – timelessness and authenticity.

The expansive creatively designed space is an exquisitely conceived restaurant that can place 300 individuals and is complemented by a minimalist, yet vibrant open-air area with traditional low seating, accentuated with traditional Indian Textiles. It also has an indoor dining area that boosts textiles frames from all over India and highlights the coziness of the restaurant.

Gaurang says that when you arrive at the restaurant it gives you the feel of the ancestral dining room, with its lighting, its colours, its fragrance, and the spread of food choices.

Gaurang’s Kitchen a unique designer kitchen for forgotten cuisines of India

Gaurang adds, “Neel is the courtyard, while Katha is the home at GAURANG KITCHEN. The spaces infuse cooling indigo and warm madder with nature to create a serene ambience. When you come to Gaurang’s Kitchen, you feel a breath of fresh air without a sense of urgency. We want to awaken the senses through relaxing sight, melodious music, soothing textures, and delicious food.”

Helmed by a top-notch culinary team, the menu is exceptional, showcasing the finest cuisines of India with indigenous Indian ingredients. The dishes prepared from a state-of-the-art kitchen are a congregation, traversing all corners of the country, with fresh flavours and textures that evoke nostalgia.

“We have an extensive line of menu, with generous portions of 140 à la carte dishes. The thali menu is a new experience every day. To enrich the foodie experience, we have planned to hold distinct regional food festivals every month by inviting specialty chefs from all over India, to make the visit to our restaurant a celebration of the greatest cuisines of India.” Gaurang says.

Among the most creative lunch and dinner menus are the Thali, which is the mouth-watering portions of traditional dishes of India. The must-try is the combo meals – Tandoor, Indian, the Dum Biryani and the Gujarati- Marwari Combo meal.

Gaurang’s Kitchen’s purpose is to revive and enrich the conventional culinary flavours that we relish. With a strong emphasis on seasonality and local ingredients from all the regions of India.

“Food is not a part of the celebration; it is the celebration here, so Come celebrate with us.” Gaurang says, who is widely known for his integration of textiles traditions of India in his clothing creativity.

The kitchen is open , and serves Lunch, evening brunch and Dinner.