Xpheno Opens Recruitment Delivery Center in Hyderabad; Unveils T+’ve (Telangana) Staffing Report

T+ve Research Report Highlights

  • Telangana happens to be one of the seven Indian states that has a net positive flow of talent, absorbing more talent than its loses to other geographies.
  • Over 1.6 M job seekers from other states have stated Telangana as a preference for relocation. A million of this talent comes from other megacities.
  • Telangana has very strong inbound and outbound talent corridors with all major talent states and their megacities. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the top states which have strong 2-way talent movements.

Hyderabad, India, October 16, 2023: The rapidly growing specialist staffing company, Xpheno (pronounced ex-feeno) announced today the launch of a Recruitment Delivery Centre for its Specialist Staffing and Executive Search businesses in Hyderabad.  

Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (Department of IT&EC, Department of Industries and Commerce), Govt of Telangana inaugurated the launch of the new center and released T+ve Telangana – Building & Sustaining a Talent Positive Telangana – an Xpheno Workforce Research Report, in the presence of various CXOs and HR leaders of renowned corporations on Tuesday evening.

In his address, Shri Jayesh Ranjan said, “The world’s most admired corporations, unicorns and startups are increasingly choosing Hyderabad as their destination for expanding scale and capabilities. Xpheno’s decision to set up its Recruitment Delivery Center here will add tremendous strength to the staffing ecosystem which is the backbone of any industry. Their trust in Hyderabad, demonstrated through the T+ve Telangana report, reaffirms the huge potential of the city and its talent pool.”

Commending the T+ve report Jayesh expressed, “This will be of great value to us. We will go through all the analysis and the insights of this report and this would be of tremendous value to us. Currently, Hyderabad as a city has the highest number of tech jobs in the country than anywhere else” he added.

Kamal Karanth, Co-founder of Xpheno said “MNCs exploring to set up their Tech centers in India are particular about the Skill_Speed_Scale_Price matrix of Indian Cities and Hyderabad has become a winning proposition in all these parameters which has hastened our decision to set up a 150-seater Recruitment Delivery Center.”

“We aim to become a reliable talent partner for Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in Telangana, a state which is now the first choice to host some of the most sought-after global corporations of the world. Our focus is to further propel Telangana as a specialist talent-rich hub when it comes to GCC expansions for MNCs, and help promote the development prospects here’, said Satish Manne, Partner & Head of operations at Xpheno Hyderabad.

Xpheno, which has deployed over 12,000 engineers and staffed over 30 greenfield MNCs in RPO mode in its 6 years of running, has introduced a suite of service offerings in Hyderabad ranging from specialist talent sourcing, leadership hiring, talent deployment, and talent management. It will also provide several on-demand offerings that relate to subject matter expertise and talent engagement. Programs that deal with culture and value orientation for India-bound enterprises will be a part of these offerings as well.

Another highlight of the evening was the release of the landmark report T+ve: Building and Sustaining a Talent-positive Telangana. The insights from the report shed much light on the state of Telangana’s talent pool.

“Telangana happens to be one of seven Indian states that has a net-positive flow of talent, absorbing more talent than it loses to other geographies. Over 1.6M job seekers from other states have stated Telangana as a preference for relocation. A million of this talent comes from other megacities,” said Anil Ethanur, Co-founder, Xpheno. “Telangana has very strong inbound and outbound talent corridors with all major talent states and their megacities. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the top states which have strong 2-way talent movements, Ethanur added.

The corporate interaction also entailed a rousing discussion on ‘Women in the Workforce: Can we reach the 50% mark?’. A fireside chat led by Kamal Karanth was held as part of the event to focus on this aspect.

As the world has its eyes on Hyderabad as a proven and potential destination for global enterprises, Indian conglomerates, and start-ups, Xpheno’s decision to set up a large shop in Hyderabad is a logical reinforcement of the credibility of the City of Pearls and its talent.

Xpheno offers its technology infrastructure, research, talent sourcing, and end-to-end recruitment resources, including best-practice processes to global brands, Indian Conglomerates and VC Funded startups in their Contract2Hire endeavours. The Bangalore-based staffing agency boasts a Net Promoter Score of 79 amongst its deployed contractors.

Executive Summary of Telangana Talent Research Report

Xpheno T+ve – Building & Sustaining a Talent Positive Telangana

Xpheno RDC Hyderabad
Xpheno RDC Leadership team with Mr. Jayesh Ranjan , IT Secretary IT&EC Govt of Telangana

Telangana has been a trendsetter on many fronts in its nearly a decade of re-building and refreshing as a Young State. A combination of carefully set up infra, policies, incentives and interventions have set Telangana on the fast-track to the top. Among other achievements, Telangana also achieved a critical score necessary for building the State as a Talent Brand.

We carried out our first edition of Annual Study of Indian states forTalent Corridors and Talent Exchange Patterns for the 12-month period ending September 2023. Highlights of the study and the cornerstones of this report are:

–          Only 7 Indian states emerged as Talent Positive states or states with Positive Talent Balance (PTB).

–          Telangana emerged as the third state with Positive Talent Balance, joining Karnataka and Haryana on the top.

–          With 72,000 white-collar talent absorptions and 66,000 talent lost during the 12-month period, Telangana clocked a PTB of 6000 for the study period.

–          Telangana joined the league of older peers like Karnataka with PTB of 93,000 and Haryana with PTB of 20,000.

–          Telangana had a wide lead ahead of the remaining 4 states with PTB. Goa, Puducherry (UT), Jammu & Kashmir (UT) and Tripura made the cohort of relatively smaller states and union territories with PTB value is low to mid 3-digit values.

–          The other end of the ranking with Talent Negative states or states with Negative Talent Balance (NTB) had Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Delhi (UT) with NTBs between -10,000 and -18,000.

Factors linked to & enabling PTB status of Telangana

–          Telangana has an active and accessible white-collar talent base of 3.72Mn. Talent pool with minimum working experience of 1 Year make 50% of the active pool (1.84Mn).

–          Hyderabad holds the lion’s share of the active experienced talent pool with a 1.7Mn count. The collective contribution of other locations like Warangal, Karimnagar, Duggondi, Hanamakonda etc. are minor on a comparative scale.

–          Hyderabad has created an ecosystem to host large domestic and international enterprise brands who make the Bellwether employers of the state.

–          Tech Sector is the lead employment sector holding one-third (622K) of the active experienced talent pool. The Tech Sector leads the rest of the sectors like Consulting & Advisory, Banking, Pharma, Healthcare etc. with huge margins.

–          In terms of enterprise functions, it is the Engineering function on the lead with 375K active experienced talent pool. IT follows with 215K, and Business Development with 153K.

–          28% of active experienced white-collar talent pool hold qualifications in Computer Science.

–          Telangana’s academic system produces more qualified women talent than men. Women dominate the annual academic output with representation in the 54% – 56% range.

–          On the Engineering & Technical education front, Telangana annually produces under 100K Engineers.

–          Telangana has very strong inbound and outbound talent corridors with all major talent states and their megacities. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the top states with strong 2-way talent movements.

–          The US remains the Top overseas destination for white-collar talent from Telangana.

–          A strong talent pull is evident with over 1.6Mn jobseekers from other states stating Telangana as a preference. A million of this talent at the doorstep are from other megacities. Over 410K active jobseekers from Bangalore have stated a preference for Hyderabad.

Telangana is well set to emerge as a leading Talent Brand to attract and retain white-collar talent and compete with other mature neighbours in attracting Global Brands to the state.