Actor Mahesh Babu Awed by Gowri Signatures Unique Handwoven Saree

In a spectacular affair that combined opulence with artistry, the grand opening of the Gowri Signatures Atelier by Stylish actor Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar was a gala that set new standards for personalized luxury wedding wear. Located in the heart of upmarket Road No. 36 in Jubilee Hills, the Gowri Signatures Store launch drew the attention of connoisseurs, fashionistas, and the glitterati, to witness the convergence of artisanship and exclusivity.

Gowri Signatures is spread across 15000 square feet, with aesthetically designed consulting rooms located on level 2, adorned with vintage hand-crafted furniture and art lending an ambiance of quiet luxury and elegance.

Gowri’s Bespoke Wedding Ensembles is not just for betrothed couples, but for their entire families, from kids to the senior most citizens of the household. The clothing has been known for its intricate weaves and timeless designs for over 3 generations with a manufacturing facility located in Hyderabad. Over the years Gowri ensembles adorned many of the leading brand stores in India.

Launching Gowri Signatures Mahesh Babu was in awe of the saree that was intricately designed and took four months to weave. An intricately woven saree that blends 10 vibrant hues and 16,000 picks crafting stunning tapestries. With 384 hours dedicated to bindings, 600 hours for color setting, and 1100 hours for the mesmerizing pallow image, every thread narrates a story. Pre-loom, 96 hours for Jari warping, 144 hours for piecing, and 192 hours for loom setting set the stage for this masterpiece, where 4 captivating colors entwine in 720 hours of sheer artistry.

Actor Mahesh Babu also expressed the concept of Gowri Signatures to personalise, custom make clothing for the wedding couples and their family is Unique

Actor Mahesh Babu
Actor Mahesh Babu, Namrata Shirodkar with UDAY CEO of Gowri Signatures launch briefing

Namrata Shirodkar congratulated Gowri Signatures venture, it is a pretty and unusual store, with the theme of exclusive lounges for the family, she applauded the private space, saying having private space is very uncommon in stores and Gowri Signatures have fulfilled that need. As a couple like us we will certainly enjoy being here. The jewellery and clothing range is stunning as each piece is custom made.

At the launch event Uday Sai Kouthavarapu, the CEO of Gowri Signatures presented the legacy of the brand which evolved from manufacturing to retail to a specialised bespoke wedding signature ensembles brand. Gowri Signatures is born out of growing demand for brides, grooms, and their entire family looking for not just custom designer dresses for the wedding, but also jewels that blend with the chosen ensemble, all in one place.

“Celebrating the Beauty of Tradition, Craftsmanship, and Personalization, our store stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication that define the essence of luxury. With each piece meticulously crafted, we weave not just fabrics, but stories – stories that reflect the splendour of India’s rich heritage and the beauty of every individual’s journey. In every thread, we find the essence of a timeless tale, personalized with care and perfected with passion.” Uday added. 

Amidst a symphony of admiration at the store, guests were invited to indulge in the signature diamond jewellery collection. With an array of diligently crafted pieces, Gowri Signatures partner AQUA Diamonds each reflecting a timeless elegance.

Bespoke Wedding Fashion: Where Dreams Find Their Perfect Ensemble

The event also highlighted the best of the store’s offerings — bespoke wedding collections by models. A dazzling display of wedding ensembles graced the stage, demonstrating how each piece could be extensively personalized to encapsulate the essence of every dream wedding. The guided walkthrough highlighted a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, emphasizing the store’s commitment to making every wedding tale an unforgettable saga of individuality and elegance.

Upscale Consulting: Tailoring Moments for Every Precious Segment

Following the launch of the store, patrons were invited to tour the store’s upscale consulting rooms, designed to cater to three distinct segments: the Bride, the Couple, and the Family. With an ambiance that exuded exclusivity and comfort, these spaces stood as an embodiment of the store’s dedication to offering unforgettable moments for every precious moment of wedding festiveness.

For the bride, girls, and women in the family Gowri Signatures offer a myriad of choices, each reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of the country. Whether it is the regal charm of the Banarasi silk or the intricate artistry of Kanjeevaram, each fabric and dress that included ghagras, cholis  tells a story of heritage and grace, creating an aura of elegance and poise that perfectly complements the bride’s special day.

For the groom, boys, and men in the family Gowri Signatures present a symphony of regal grandeur and sophistication. From the classic elegance of the Sherwani to the timeless charm of the Bandhgala, each weave by Gowri is crafted to exude an aura of dignity and refinement, perfectly tailored to complement the groom’s charisma

The Signature Store’s grand opening was not just an event; it was a celebration of individuality, artisanship, and the essence of luxury. As it opens its doors to the world, it beckons those who seek to embrace a world where elegance meets personal expression.